Why Japan?

Japan is a leading jewellery market in the world!
It is expected to be even more lucrative from now on!

1. Japanese jewellery market continues to rebound

■ Growing Japanese Jewellery Market

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  • For the past few years, Japan has been a consistent champion in the global market for luxury goods. In 2015, Japan was the second-largest luxury goods market in the world, worth €20 billion (about $22.7 billion), according to data provided by consulting firm Bain & Company.
  • businessoffashion.com (UK), Feb. 11, 2016

2. Imported jewellery market in Japan is expanding

■ Growing imported jewellery market in Japan

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  • The domestic imported luxury brands market in 2014 grew by 10.3% from the previous year to achieve 2,199.3 billion yen, based on retail amounts. From the aspects of the current economic status and the sales at each of the brands, the market size in 2015 is expected to increase by 5.4% from the preceding year to attain 2,318.9 billion yen.
  • Yano Research, Sep. 2015

  • Tiffany & Co. said total sales in Japan rose 17 percent to $133 million in its third quarter through October driven by foreign tourists from China as well as a boost in domestic demand. Tiffany said that if the results were measured in yen, total sales and comparable store sales, or sales at outlets open for at least one year, would have increased 34 percent and 24 percent, respectively.
  • kyodonews.net, Nov. 2015

3. Rapidly increasing overseas visitors are boosting jewellery sales!

High spending from the increased number of overseas visitors is stimulating the consumption of luxurious goods including jewellery.

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  • Japan’s economy is working to maintain modest recovery leading up to the 2020 Olympics with a GDP growth of 0.6%. The exceptionally warm winter benefitted jewellery and record numbers of inbound tourists benefitted metropolitan retailers and service providers, especially department stores and non-bridal. Platinum jewellery sales outperformed total jewellery, and platinum jewellery volume increase 2.7% in 2015.
  • marketwired.com, Apr. 6, 2016

  • Japan experienced an increase in the number of international tourists to Japan, which helped to boost sales of jewellery
  • euromonitor.com, Jan. 2014

■ Overseas visitors to Japan will soar to 40 million by 2020 !